Bank of America Building Transforms After Window Wash

As a business owner, your fundamental goal is to create demand for your product or service. While advertising campaigns and marketing build brand awareness, sometimes it only takes simple curb appeal to draw in new customers. In fact, research shows that appearance accounts for 70% of first-time sales. Therefore, poor property upkeep can negatively affect your business’s credibility and reputation.

Regular window cleaning is the best and most affordable method of maintaining an inviting exterior. This is especially true for a job we recently completed at the Bank of America building on NW 13th Street. With four stories of glass windows, visible moss and mildew buildup made the entire property look unkempt. After competitive research, property managers chose Precision Window Cleaning because they needed service that would not interfere with regular business hours.

Our Wash-It Pro Pure Water System allows us to be as minimally invasive as possible while on the job. The equipment uses thin hoses to protect against creating trip hazards and to ensure the flow of traffic in and out of the building is not blocked. Furthermore, the system’s technology enables us to clean up to seven stories from the ground, which eliminates the need for distracting suspended platforms.

We are the only local window cleaning service to use this environmentally friendly system that operates on 100% pure water. By mimicking a tap water filtration process, the Wash-It Pro Pure Water System is able to use a low water pressure to remove dissolved solids and minerals without causing damage or noise disturbances.

After fifty hours of hard work, the Bank of America building was left spot and streak free. In fact, the company was so pleased with the results that they extended our contract. At Precision Window Cleaning, we pride ourselves for upholding the highest quality standards in the area.