Clear Skies Call for Clean Skylights

While summer comes to a close, the sunshine is here to stay! Therefore, you can still enjoy the beautiful weather from indoors with clean skylights. Skylights allow natural light into your living space, creating a more open and welcoming environment. However, unmaintained windows have the opposite effect. If your skylights are covered with layers of dirt and residue, the sun will be blocked.

As a result, you may increase your lighting costs by substituting with artificial light.

Recently I cleaned the skylights of a local two-story, metal roof home. The challenge was that the roof was too steep to walk on safely and without causing damage. Unlike our competitors, Precision Window Cleaning is able to clean the most hard-to-reach skylights without standing on the roof. Despite the surrounding rugged landscape, we were able to effectively wash the skylights from a ladder using our advanced equipment. Our Wash-It Pro System operates on 100% pure water and can clean up to seven stories from the ground.

Within a few hours, we made the skylights clear enough to get a tan from indoors! The homeowners were so pleased with the results that they have contracted for their semi-annual window cleaning.

At Precision Window Cleaning, we promise to give your windows the special attention and treatment they need to keep them illuminating your home. Give us a call today and allow us to take care of your window cleaning needs.