Reduce Energy Cost with Professional Solar Panel Cleanings

Some DIY projects are enjoyable, inexpensive, and yield similar quality results; however, solar panel cleaning is not one of them. Solar panels endure various types of environmental and weather conditions which leave layers of dirt, dust, residue, bird droppings, etc. Eventually, this creates a barrier that the sun’s rays cannot penetrate! Critics claim that debris causes a minimal decrease in power efficiency and could be sufficiently cleaned by wind and rain. However, some studies show that unclean solar panels can generate up to 10-25% less energy. Therefore, occasional solar panel cleaning is essential to preserving its energy production! And if your solar panels are not operating at their full potential, you are losing money on your investment!

You must take proper care of your solar panels to prevent premature depreciation and even physical corrosion. In fact, some manufacturers require that panels be cleaned in order to keep valid warranties! As with most home appliances, it is always an option to clean solar panels yourself. However, cleaning kits are expensive and dangerous labor is required! You may have to scale your roof and risk personal injury. Also you could even exacerbate the power efficiency problem if not cleaned properly! A common oversight is allowing the soap to dry on the panel, forming an unnoticeable residue that will reduce energy production significantly more than debris ever could.

Be safe and avoid the hassle by letting Precision Window Cleaning do the job! We are trained professionals with 10 years of experience who can produce the lasting results you want. Like you, we are environmentally conscious and understand the importance of providing chemical free services. Our “green” IPC Eagle Hydro water system is as powerful on stains as it is gentle to the surrounding environment. With the proper care, technology, and expertise, we will ensure your solar panels are operating at their full potential! So let us help you save time and reduce your energy costs by contacting Precision Window Cleaning today!